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  Ivy on Gatepost   Title: Ivy on Gatepost
Medium: Watercolour

This is a sketch in my notebook. The gatepost is actually somewhere in the Cotswolds but really it could be anywhere in lowland Britain. It just makes me think "autumn".
  Title: Broad-Leaved Marsh Orchid
Medium: Watercolour and pencil

Marsh orchids are the most difficult group of our native orchids to identify, all of the species being very similar in appearance. As their name suggests they are, on the whole, inhabitants of very wet places from wet meadows through to marshes. They can be quite common where they do occur.
  Broad-Leaved Marsh Orchid  
  Autumn Leaves 1   Title: Autumn Leaves 1
Medium: Watercolour

In the autumn the green pigment chlorophyll breaks-down and is re-absorbed from the leaves of deciduous trees and we are left with the glowing colours of secondary pigments, mainly anthocyanins, together with the ravages of fungi and insects. As in typical for sycamore leaves, these have been infected with tar-spot fungus.
  Title: Burnt Orchid
Medium: Watercolour and pencil

The charred appearance of the dark blackish-red hood of unopened flowers at the top of the spike of Orchis ustulata give it its common name of burnt orchid. It used to be thought that this species is extreme in the time its takes from germination to appearing above ground as a green plant. A period of 10-15 years was estimated but more recent research has shown that the time from germination to flowering can be as little as three years.
  Burnt Orchid  
  Wild Teasel   Title: Wild Teasel
Medium: Watercolour

Wild teasel, Dipsacus fullonum, gets its name from its spiny flower head which was used when dried to ‘tease’ out the fibres of wool prior to spinning. In this case those spines have trapped the recent snow now glistening as the sun breaks through.