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  February Landscape   Title: February Landscape
Medium: Watercolour

February and the ploughed fields are covered with snow and this birch is apparently lifeless. However, there are still a few catkins that offer a gleaning to passing finches and, beneath the snow, the winter wheat has already turned the landscape green.
  Title: Lock Gates
Medium: Watercolour

A Kestrel recovering its dignity after missing a field vole in the rough grass along the tow path. Though many stretches of canal are being renovated there is usually a good strip of rough grass which is mostly undisturbed and, like motorway verges, will support a good population of small mammals.
  Lock Gates  
  Autumnal Path   Title: Autumnal Path
Medium: Watercolour

This scene is actually of a woodland path in Charnwood Forest in the East Midlands, although it could be any local wood. Even when wet and misty, autumn woods can be colourful and a great place for a walk.
  Title: Snowbound
Medium: Watercolour

The old village of Kegworth is situated on a terrace above the River Soar. East Midland winters being both cold and wet often leave it surrounded by water, ice or snow.
  Kegworth in Snow   Title: Kegworth in Snow
Medium: Watercolour

January and this rook is perhaps rather perplexed. Only a few days ago in milder weather it was making a great commotion inspecting its nest of rough twigs high in the local copse.
  Title: Down by the Sea
Medium: Watercolour

Lots of ozone here!
  Down by the Sea  
  Cows in the Snow   Title: Cows in the Snow
Medium: Watercolour

Winter has brought a halt to grass growth and the problem for livestock is lack of grazing rather than the cold. These cattle are hanging around the old farm out-buildings, on a bleak mid-winter day in the Welsh Marches, waiting for more bales of hay to be broken open.